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VR bouwplaats

VR Awareness tool

What we were asked

From the construction sector, Goal043 received a request to develop a tool for discussing safety issues during toolbox meetings.

what we suggested?

Goal043 has innovated by introducing a groundbreaking method for visualizing 3D environments on standalone VR devices. Traditionally, VR performance has been hindered by the complexities of rendering intricate 3D scenes. However, our team has engineered a solution that efficiently converts this data into a format conducive to real-time utilization, thus revolutionizing the VR experience on standalone devices. Within the VR construction-site settings, numerous training sessions have been conducted, focusing on essential topics such as “attitude and behavior” and “working at heights”.

Where can we see this?

Would you like to know what impact.VR can mean for your company? Feel free to contact us for a demonstration.