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Winston Churchill said, “Personally I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught”. Read here how we at Goal043 make knowledge transfer more effective and attractive with serious gaming.

At Goal043 we build our games via the principles of triadic game design. Together with our customer we target the scope of the project and create, build, test and adapt within given budget. Look at our custom projects below.


We have a variety of ready made white label products that can be implemented quickly into your organisation. We have an:


You have an idea but don’t know if a game is the best solution? Book a hackathon and together with our creative team we will spend a few days together in a pressure cooker setting steaming you up to a usable minimal viable product. See our hackathon projects below or contact us for more information.
Clear Filters
Strukton Rail
Wie Helpt?!
Achmea Pension Game
CPR you ready
Limburg Museum VR
Zuivere Koffie
Nu Skin Hackathon
WML Hololens
Mitsubishi Onboarding
Sitech Fire Commander
We are working on some seriously exciting games !
All aboard now
All Aboard Now is an onboarding game aimed at captivating, binding and informing your new employees in the period from the first meeting up to the first working week.
Serious Games or Gamification
Goal043 uses gamedynamics to motivate people to work more efficient and safer. we use the power of play to achieve greater impact.
Serious Games & Virtual Reality
We use Virtual Reality to create the impact by immersion. We train people for difficult or hazzardous procedures in virtual 3d scans.
Serious Games & Augmented Reality
With Augmented Reality we build Virtual Portals or create tools to augment procedural steps in a master companion model
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