Meaningful games

Creating a meaningful learning experience cannot be taken lightly. Throughout the years many theories have been developed that deepen the connections between real life experiences, learning and the world of gaming.

The newest techniques of ICT (AR/VR/Mixed reality) and the latest theories on learning and human behaviour find their way in our games. Goal043 uses the concept of dr. Casper Harteveld’s triadic game design for bringing challenges from our customers to a prototype game.


With our Microgames we have a set ready-built proven games that can be used for microlearning experiences.

Quick engaging learning experiences that can be used to train and asses knowledge.

We use Microgames in our All Aboard Now App to onboard new people within a company in an effective and attractive way.

Micro Games


We use Virtual Reality to immerse people in a real-life setting. This enables them to safely train in lifelike environments which bring a total new level of learning experiences.

We use Augmented Reality to give people usage of (meta) data on real-life objects. Virtual Assistants on the job are created this way and bring a totally new experience of learning by doing.



Goal043 uses gamification to motivate people to change their behavior or train skills. This is achieved by using game design techniques and game mechanics like points, and challenges.

Combined with 3D-simulation it is a very powerful toolset for the development of interactive learning tools like our procedure trainer.