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Zuivere Koffie

Awareness App

What we were Asked

Bad governance is centralized around the idea that there is not only corruption within a system but a lack of transparency and accountability, arbitrary policy making and the cheating of those who are governed. With society being more and more transparent and legislations being more complex by the day, finding the right balance in your work and private environment becomes more and more compelling. Can you design a digital tool that creates awareness off the risksĀ  that your are faced with inĀ  your daily routines.

what we suggested

We designed a modular serious game on our own CityScenario platform where players can play scenarios from different viewpoints.
By playing the game, players will be able to recognize when the code of conduct is violated, They will be able to know how and when to react to these, sometimes awkward, situations.

Where and when can we see this?

Zuivere Koffie is free to download from the Google Play Store and Apple Appstore