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VR Awareness


Pedal with Purpose: A VR Journey for Safer Cycling in Maastricht

Experience the future of cycling safety through immersive VR technology.

What we were asked

The #posifiets campaign focuses on cycling more often, cycling safely, and safely parking bikes, and was developed in 2021 by the municipality of Maastricht in collaboration with Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar. In Maastricht, the university, college, student and interest organizations, entrepreneurs, housing associations, and neighborhood networks participate.

One of the components of the #posifiets campaign is an obstacle run. Goal043 has been asked to provide a VR alternative for this run.


What we suggested

To support the #posifiets campaign’s goal of promoting safer and more frequent cycling in Maastricht, we proposed a cutting-edge VR experience that immerses users in a virtual tour of the city. This interactive journey educates participants on the importance of safe cycling practices and secure bike parking. By engaging with realistic scenarios and receiving practical tips, users are better prepared to navigate the city’s streets responsibly and confidently. This innovative approach not only aligns with the campaign’s objectives but also leverages modern technology to enhance learning and engagement.

What we delivered

We¬†created a VR experience where the player walks through the city of Maastricht. During her journey, she sees why it’s important to cycle safely and park her bike securely. Of course, the player also receives tips for better cycling behavior.