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AR training

CPR you Ready

Bringing Heart Massage Home: An Innovative Approach to CPR Training

This game transforms CPR training by making it interactive, accessible, and engaging, ensuring more people are prepared to save lives

What we were asked

In a collaborative effort, the “Stilgezet” foundation and the “Hartpatienten Nederland” foundation sought a new, engaging method to make heart massage training more accessible to the public. Their goal was to find an innovative way to educate and train people in life-saving CPR techniques.

What we suggested

We proposed an Augmented Reality (AR) training solution that brings CPR training directly into people’s homes. This innovative approach leverages AR technology to provide an immersive and interactive learning experience, making it easier for individuals to practice and master CPR techniques in the comfort of their own living rooms.

What we delivered

We developed an app, now available in app stores, where users can learn CPR skills using a training dummy. The app includes a comprehensive training program and a challenge mode to test users’ knowledge and skills. Through interactive simulations and real-time feedback, users can practice heart massage techniques and gain confidence in their ability to perform CPR in emergency situations.