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What we were Asked

The Sitech fire brigade purchased two new firetrucks. These trucks will be used immediately after arrival. Therefor it is difficult to train all firemen the ins and outs of the trucks. It is also very difficult to train all possible scenario’s in real-life. Therefor we Goal043 was asked to build a flexible training tool that can be used for individual training for all possible scenario’s.

what we suggested

Goal043 has build a procedure-training-engine. With the engine it is possible to import an interactive 3D model e.g. a step file and add procedures to the model. We added a guided mode in the procedures for first-time learning. We also added game dynamics to create a peer to peer competition. It is now Game On! for Sitech Fire brigade.

Where and when can we see this?

Please contact us via our contact-form to get more information on our procedure games.