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interactive training

Nu Skin

Enhancing Safety Awareness through Interactive Training

In three days, we created a complete game with a creative team that we can use for onboarding our staff.

What we were asked

Goal043 was tasked with finding a way to make employees more aware of safety regulations in an interactive and measurable manner

What we suggested

Goal043 proposed an online platform featuring different environments (Automation, Building & Construction, Maintenance) where hazardous situations are depicted in scenarios. Users interact with these scenarios, making the training impactful, flexible, and measurable. The scenarios can be easily updated to reflect daily events

What we delivered

During a three-day hackathon, Goal043, in collaboration with Nuskin and Staffing Solutions, developed a customized selection tool. The result was a game that introduces new employees to the work processes and tasks such as picking, labeling, and reading order lists. This tool provides an overview of the selection process activities for new employees and helps employers gauge the speed and accuracy of potential hires.