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GMB-ZO!: Transforming Safety Training into an Engaging Online Experience

GMB-ZO! brings safety training to life, combining interactive gameplay with real-world scenarios to create a memorable and impactful learning experience

What we were asked

The Federatie organizes an annual safety day for the employees of a major Dutch civil engineering company. This event aims to enhance awareness, knowledge, and skills related to safety. However, in 2021, the event could not be held in a physical location. Goal043 and Goudvisie were tasked with transforming the existing safety day concepts into an engaging online format.

What we suggested

We proposed an interactive online safety game called GMB-ZO!, co-created by Goal043, de Federatie, and Goudvisie. This game allows groups of employees to compete against each other to become the company’s top safety team. The game incorporates safety dilemmas and decision-making scenarios that emphasize the importance of communication and recognizing unsafe situations.

What we delivered

We developed GMB-ZO!, an immersive online game where players navigate various levels, facing safety dilemmas and making critical decisions. Players learn to identify unsafe situations and determine the best sources of information among their colleagues. Additionally, players can be unexpectedly interrupted and taken to a secret room where a real actor guides them through a role-playing scenario, adding an extra layer of realism and engagement.