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Integrity game

Provincie Limburg

Zuivere Koffie: Navigating the Complexities of Governance and Ethics

Zuivere Koffie empowers players to recognize and respond to ethical challenges, enhancing their ability to maintain transparency and accountability in their daily lives

What we were asked

The challenge was to create a VR platform that not only offers immersive experiences but also empowers users to independently build their own procedures from start to finish. This platform needed to include a comprehensive asset library with audio, 3D models, and particle effects to facilitate the creation process.

What we suggested

We proposed developing a VR Player with an integrated VR Editor, enabling users to design and implement their own procedures seamlessly. This solution was envisioned to include a robust asset library, providing all necessary resources to create rich and interactive VR environments.

What we delivered

We introduced the Impact Platform, a groundbreaking VR tool that allows users to visualize 3D environments on standalone VR devices effectively. By converting complex 3D data into a format suitable for real-time use, our solution overcomes the traditional performance barriers of rendering detailed scenes. This advancement revolutionizes the VR experience by enhancing performance and accessibility on standalone devices.