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What we were Asked

457Independent asked Goal043 if we could help them develop a intervention that motivates youngsters from age 8-12 to move more in their day to day lives.

what we suggested

We know one thing for sure if it comes to kids in age 8-12. They all game on a daily basis. So we looked at the most popular games around and used game dynamics that were very popular at that time. Discovering new worlds, earning points to gain tiers and earning new avatars and dance moves. Players can earn these incentives by playing the game in combination with moving in real live. We attached a Bluetooth health tracker to the game and created game mechanics that motivated players to move more while earning bonus Boosth points.

Together with Maastricht University, MuMC+, we validate the game in the program Boosth Limburg. It is now used as a intervention in the obese program at the Maastricht University.

Where and when can we see this?

Please contact us via our contact-form to get a demo.