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Boosth: Motivating Movement in Youngsters Through Gamification

Boosth revolutionizes the way we encourage physical activity in children by seamlessly blending gaming and real-life movement, ultimately promoting healthier lifestyles

What we were asked

457Independent approached Goal043 for assistance in developing an intervention aimed at encouraging youngsters aged 8-12 to lead more active lifestyles. Recognizing the prevalence of gaming among children in this age group, the challenge was to leverage popular game dynamics to promote physical activity in their daily lives.

What we suggested

We proposed creating a gamified intervention that combines the allure of popular video games with real-world physical activity. By integrating elements such as exploring new worlds, earning points, unlocking tiers, and customizing avatars and dance moves, we aimed to motivate children to move more while enjoying the gaming experience.

What we delivered

Together with Maastricht University and MuMC+, we developed Boosth, a gamified intervention designed to promote physical activity among youngsters. By attaching a Bluetooth health tracker to the game, we incorporated game mechanics that reward players for engaging in real-life movement. Boosth has been validated through the Boosth Limburg program and is now utilized as an intervention in the obesity program at Maastricht University.