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3d process training

Strukton Rail

Strukton Rail: Interactive Training for Passenger Lift Operation

Our interactive simulation tool transforms traditional training into an engaging experience, ensuring Strukton Rail employees are well-prepared to operate the passenger lift efficiently from day one

What we were asked

Strukton Rail sought to train their employees on the operation of a new passenger lift before the equipment was handed over by the production company. The goal was to ensure employees were proficient in using the lift as soon as it became available.

What we suggested

We proposed using our procedure trainer platform to create a gamified, interactive simulation tailored to Strukton Rail’s needs. This solution aimed to provide an engaging and effective training experience by converting technical documentation into an interactive format.

What we delivered

We developed a tablet-based training tool for Strukton Rail, utilizing our procedure trainer platform. We transformed the original step-file into a rigged, interactive 3D model and translated the written manual into a series of procedural steps. This interactive simulation features various learning modes and peer-to-peer competition, making the training process both comprehensive and engaging.