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Wie helpt?: Raising Awareness About Elderly Abuse

Wie helpt? empowers players to recognize and act against elderly abuse, transforming awareness into action

What we were asked

Tante Louise aimed to address the serious issue of elderly abuse in a way that would generate significant impact. This often-overlooked subject needs much more attention, as many Dutch elderly people suffer from financial, physical, or mental abuse. The challenge was to educate people on recognizing and responding to signs of abuse.

What we suggested

We proposed designing a game where players follow characters in a city, observing their daily lives to identify signs of abuse. This interactive approach helps players understand the nuances of elderly abuse and teaches them how to respond effectively when they suspect something is wrong.

What we delivered

We developed “Who Helps?”, a game available on multiple platforms. Through this game, players can immerse themselves in scenarios where they learn to detect signs of abuse and understand the appropriate steps to take in response. The game aims to educate and empower users to make a real difference in the lives of elderly individuals who may be suffering from abuse.