Are you our new backend (game) developer
Who are you?
Education level: talented HBO, WO
You are a specialist or you would like to become one. You would rather master a handful of technologies than have casual knowledge of many. Learning new skills by yourself comes naturally to you.
You already immersed yourself deeply in the worlds of Linux, Docker and Microservices.
You know the most used HTTP status codes by heart and you prefer working with command line powertools such as git.
You are interested in container technology, database technology and site reliability engineering.
You are (or strive to be) a walking encyclopedia for others. You are able to convey your knowledge to programmers on every level. You have presented at a meetup or conference, or you would like to do so.
You are familiar with at least one of these programming languages: PHP, Go, Java, C#, C++, C or equivalent.
Experience with go (golang) is a bonus.
What are you going to do?
You will join a small team of specialists within our organisation.
Together with your collegues you will provide and maintain a stable platform on top of which other teams can deploy their applications. You will be performing system and cluster administration.
Being a specialist, you will coach other teams on the subject of microservice development. Once in a while you will write or improve one yourself.
You will develop tools and libraries to make the life of other teams a little easier.
You will maintain and deepen your expertise by doing research from time to time.
What do we offer?
Challenging work at the crossroads of backend tech, education and games.
We encourage and empower you to become an authority in your area of expertise.
A linux laptop or macbook.
A small team with friendly colleagues. We have lunch together every day.
Market conforming salary adjusted to your education and experience levels.

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