The adventurous jump-and-run game for which you have to get everything out of the closet. By gaming and moving you save the universe in this crazy game with no less than 3 worlds of 20 levels each. BOOSTH makes exercise fun! And you also work on a healthy lifestyle in a playful way.

BOOSTH you play alone, with existing friends, with new friends you make through the game, or with parents and family.

You play the game in the BOOSTH app on your phone or tablet, the cool tracker on your wrist keeps track of the movements. The game tells you when and how much you have to move, shows the tracker when you have reached your target goal and you can continue to the next level … With enough points from the game and with movement you can finally save the universe! Download the free BOOSTH Game app  and you can start gaming!

Client: 457Inpendent


  • Date : 19 March 2016
  • Tags : custom, Maatwerk