Serious gaming, a short introduction
You have probably heard by now that some games are not only being used for entertainment only.
These “Serious” games are used to train knowledge, skills or attitude and behaviour. Through the years many terms where used for these types of games: serious games, edugames, applied games, etcetera. So this is what we do: We design and develop Serious games for the following branches: 
  • Healthcare
    Onboarding games for (new)employees, Skilltraining for new devices, Scenario based training.
  • Large Enterprises
    Competitive Sales and Onboarding training, Marketing campaign games. Simulated training of new products.
  • Government
    Simulation of strategic decisions, Onboarding, Educational games for schools, Campaign games.
  • Construction and maintenance
    Flexible training for safety, Instruction training. Onboarding for employees.
Platform Atlas
Goal043 wants to make Serious gaming AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE. IN ORDER TO REALIZE this WE MUST BE ABLE TO DEVELOP FAST, FLEXIBLE and accessible. We want to be there for everyone, and now we can, with Platform ATLAS
  • Compatibility

    With our Platform Atlas we can meet all your standards. We are able to program once and deploy to many. We support iOS, Android, HTML5, Flash.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    From idea to product:If you’re working with new ideas you surely want to know it the concept works, as soon as possible. We work with (paper) prototypes to establish this.

  • Safety

    Platform Atlas uses latest container server technology. Therefor it is not only lightning fast but we aslo rank with the top 3% safest servers in the world. All your userdata is safe with us.

  • Scalability

    Projects may start small but succesful projects will grow exponentialy in data in a very short time. Atlas can scale up seamlesly with the succes of your project.

Our Projects

Medtronic Micra® campaign game

Dementia game

Maastricht Come on !

Ambiorix treasure

Medtronic VR Simulation


Heineken Sales Trainer

LTO Maintenance Game

BAM Onboarding Game

Safety Trainer

Blackberry Torch promotional game

Online Marketing
HEY !, GOAL043, I thought you also were into websites and APPS ? Sure thing. We have a steady relationship with our marketing partner INFOUR together we work on many exciting projects for lots of enthusiastic customers. Amongst them are: BOELS, ZORGZUSTER, HEUTS, MEANDERGROEP, GOLFRESIDENTIE BRUNSUMMERHEIDE, .


Our online marketingteam can be reached at 0453030696

Goal043 is een team van enthousiaste professionals “Trained to do the job”. Wij zijn op zoek naar een frontend ontwikkelaar in Unity 3d. Wil jij ons team verrijken? Neem dan zeker contact met ons op.

Manon Verboeket

adviseur verkoop


Bart de Lange

backend developer

love those lines of code

Inge Leenders

Online and Mobile Developer

Power woman !

Ron Kösters

Managing developer

It’s all in the game

Robbert van Dinther

Adviseur HR

All Aboard Now !

Sem van Gelooven

Front end Developer

Hello World

Jeroen Trienes

Creative Director

Life is a game made for everyone.

Mick Heijkens

Game Producer

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and *SNAP* the job’s a game!”

Thomas van den Bighelaar

Game Developer

Everything is awesome.

Stef Boesten

Graphic Designer

Design is thinking made visible.

Lex Vogelaar

Senior Developer and CVO

Dreigt regelmatig de wereld op te hakken in microservices. Met unit tests natuurlijk!

Fabian Op den Camp

Front End Developer

achievement school done…